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We’re a company that is solely focused on improving people’s lives. We strive to drive peak performance for individuals and organizations using scientific and data driven information.

the 7 degrees team

We’re all connected within 6 degrees of separation. We believe through the work we do that we’re creating a 7th degree of impact and fulfillment.

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LeRoy Matticks

LeRoy is the Founder and CEO of Mind Gym Neurofeedback, a Hope and Healing Center. LeRoy is a progressive forward-thinking leader with experience at many levels of business.

His passion for helping others thrive is what motivates him everyday. Seeing so many lives impacted in a positive way at Mind Gym using neurofeedback has changed how he sees mental health in our country and wants to help bring radical change to how we help others that are struggling.

Matt Johnson

Matt is a marriage and family therapist turned entrepreneur within the personal development and mental health industry. Matt currently owns or co-owns five companies that target different areas of personal development and holistic health.

Matt served as a clinical director and supervisor for over a decade before recently hiring his replacements. He is passionate about family, basketball, impacting society, and traveling. Matt is also writing a book.

Mike Hafer

Mike is a Product and Marketing Executive with over 30 years of experience in multiple industries. He has developed and led global teams for numerous organizations including Western Union, NCR, US West Dex, The Signature Group and Izodia.

Mike also served as Board Chair of the Denver Chapter of the American Cancer Society. Mike’s passions include his family, traveling the world, skiing and golf.