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Non-invasive brain mapping yields data driven insights into individuals, leading to client specific protocols of neurofeedback that help retrain and optimize the brain.

brain mapping
The first step is a qEEG brain map which delivers critical data showing opportunity areas such as focus, motivation, effectiveness, etc. to improve performance and well-being for each employee.

Brain mapping (qEEG) is a non-invasive, FDA approved, analysis where the electrical activity produced in the brain, called brain waves, are measured and evaluated.

data-driven insights

This allows us to precisely and objectively identify which areas of the brain are working optimally and which ones have opportunity to improve and optimize.

Personalized brain map report

We use this data to create a map or profile of each individual in the organization.


Upgrading the brain

Using the employee’s brain map, specific, data-driven neurofeedback protocols are implemented to retrain the brainwaves to function more effectively.

Safe and effective

Neurofeedback is a well established, FDA approved type of biofeedback that retrains the brain to function more efficiently. The technique utilizes sensors to measure brainwaves while the employee simply watches a video.

Retraining (Operant conditioning)

Positive brain waves are rewarded through audio mechanisms while non-desirable brain waves are reduced through a darkening of the screen.

Rapid improvement, lasting results

Since Neurofeedback works to train the brain to make effective connections and create positive changes, the results last for the longer term. Similar to learning how to ride a bike, hit a golf ball or solve an arithmetic equation. Once you acquire the skill, you never lose it.

Neurofeedback has been proven to improve critical thinking and problem solving.


The United States Department of Defense uses neurofeedback to prompt brain flow. They’ve found that soldiers solve complex problems and master new skills up to 490% faster than normal.

Neurofeedback can be coupled with both customized coaching and nutritional supplements to further the impact for each client.
Additional Services

Integrative coaching

Coupling integrative coaching with neurofeedback can drive additional effective improvements for employees.


Nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements can be added to the overall solution for the employee. The supplements improve cognitive function and increase energy and vitality for the employee.

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